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Jhoanna Tagaro

The Parklands Logo must be easily identified. Comments from previous billboard designs informed us that the Parklands logo was too small and hard to read. 

Must incorporate a slogan or a motif that can be used from one medium to the other to create a unifying marketing campaign.

Must showcase the different senior pathways Parklands offers. 

If photos were taken outdoors, it was important to have all students be sun safe and wear their hats. Hats were a non-negotiable part of the uniform.


Head of Marketing & Project Manager: Melinda Sampson

Photographer: Michael Braun

Graphic Designer: Jhoanna Tagaro

Billboard Installation & Maintenance: Goa

Design Criterias

The main advertising platform we had was a 6x3m Billboard located at the northern edge of the Beaudesert Shire Council; around 12 minutes away from the college. This would then be accompanied by a digital advertising campaign using current social media avenues such as Facebook and Instagram.

At the later part of 2022, I was approached by Melinda Sampson, Head of Marketing at Parklands Christian College, about this project. Our task was to create an advertising campaign that targeted senior students to enrol and finish their last years at Parklands.


The challenge was creating and organising all the marketing material in house and as quickly as possible. Since our goal was to increase senior enrolment rates in 2023, it was imperative that we launched the campaign within the next few weeks to inform the local public we had senior vacancy before they enrol to other colleges around the area.

Billboard Design | Content Strategy | Advertising Campaign

Finish Your Senior Years With Us

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