Love me.jpg


An illustrative project that conveys a short tale told through the language of flowers. What starts as an expression of love turns quickly to disappointment and rejection, where the last panel cements the notion that love is unattainable.


The Red Daisy

Symbolises a stronger sense of passion, desire, and love in comparison to its other counterparts. This daisy shows your complete and utmost devotion and commitment to the receiver.

The Yellow Carnation

Although carnations represent love and affection, the yellow variant of this flower symbolises disappointment and rejection. Some sources goes as far as saying when gifted, the flower expresses disdain and contempt.


The Blue Rose

Symbolising 'True Love', the blue rose only exists in legends and folktales due to the lack of delphinidin (a pigment that makes the flowers blue) in roses. Consequently, the blue rose is affiliated with the unattainable, unreachable and unrequited love.